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A Partnership That Transcends All Parties

A Partnership That Transcends All Parties

Introducing Provocativo’s premiere partner, DJ Irie – a collaboration that will undeniably reinvent and redefine the high-end nightlife experience. With Irie sporting bottles as big as the party, Provocativo is kicking off the celebration in Miami, Vegas, Palma, and Oslo, before taking the party all over the world…

“Provocativo was built for bottle service and those that are living larger than life! The team at Provocativo did some serious heavy lifting from the flavor, the packaging, and bold messaging. Provocativo is my number one, because this brand has what it takes to be successful… it’s a nightlife staple, period!,” said Irie.

Irie and Provocativo are working hard together so you can party harder. There’s only one way to elevate your night to the next level: with a magnum bottle that invites you to indulge in the world’s finest taste, beauty, and bubbles.

Celebrate this epic partnership and reward your freedom to celebrate by dancing the night away with a larger-than-life bottle of luxury!