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Polo & Provocativo… The Perfect Pairing!

Polo & Provocativo… The Perfect Pairing!

Hobe Sound Polo Club hosts an afternoon of competition and a toast to their newest sponsor, Provocativo.

With the 2022 Hobe Sound Polo Club season in full swing, Provocativo is excited to announce their official sponsorship! Hobe Sound Polo Club is an oasis for all polo lovers looking for fun, competition and an unbeatable atmosphere.

What pairs better with polo than magnum bottles of luxury bubbles? Simply nothing.

Here’s what to expect for the 2022 season:


Provocativo is a proud official sponsor of the 2022 season at Hobe Sound Polo Club, and the celebratory drink of choice for spectators and champions alike.

At each match, fans can experience special toasts, tasting opportunities and over-the-top celebrations! For fans wanting to bring the Provocativo party home with them, they can shop Provocativo online!


Hobe Sound Polo Club goes above and beyond when it comes to the ultimate fan experience. While at Hobe Sound, fans can enjoy elegant picnics and barbecues, sipping Provocativo bubbles, socializing with fellow polo-lovers, and of course, stomping divots at halftime.

After the match, fans are invited to watch the award presentations. Here they can celebrate alongside the winning team and toast to another great afternoon spent at Hobe Sound Polo Club.


Polo is an exciting, beautiful and intense sport. It’s a game of love between player and horse, respect between player and player, and competition between teams. Hobe Sound plays Ladies and Gentlemen’s polo, showing sportsmanship and a love for the game.

This season, teams will go head to head in 9 matches. Check out Hobe Sound’s 2022 schedule here.

Stay tuned for more Polo & Provocativo throughout the 2022 season!