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Provocativo onboards “Chicago Famous” Briana Cardone

Provocativo onboards “Chicago Famous” Briana Cardone

Provocativo onboards “Chicago Famous” Winemaker and Chef, Briana Cardone as head wine and tastemaker!

Chef Cardone brings a wealth of culinary and vinifera knowledge to the position, growing up as a child prodigy on a vineyard and her successful culinary ventures position her to move Provocativo forward as the premiere bubbles brand in 2022.

Provocativo sets the standard for celebrations; It’s a bottle built for capturing the magic of living in the moment. No one knows this better than Briana Cardone.

Briana Cardone is a US-based winemaker and Provocativo’s newest partner. This is a partnership built on mutual inspiration. Cardone sparks creativity through each of her many talents, all while embodying the larger-than-life personality of Provocativo.

“We don’t come to the party to blend in, we come to stick out. To me, Provocativo is a brand that celebrates our freedom to be bold,” said Cardone.

This partnership is designed to bring the beauty, effervescence and elevated flavors of Provocativo to life.

Join Briana Cardone and Provocativo on a creative journey to push boundaries, break barriers and reinvent the celebratory experience.


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