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#SizeMatters: Provocativo Magnum-Only Bottles Start The Party

#SizeMatters: Provocativo Magnum-Only Bottles Start The Party

There’s only one way to do champagne bigger and better than anyone else: in a Magnum bottle.

A magnum size bottle is equivalent to two standard size bottles. Picture the last time you popped a bottle of champagne, now imagine it twice as big. While more difficult to find, there are practicalities of purchasing larger-than-life bottles.

The wine-making process doesn’t end with grapes, there is a second fermentation that happens inside the bottle. The bigger the bottle, the better the evolution that happens within. Due to the larger size, magnums have a slower oxidation process which allows the champagne to age more elegantly. This also allows them to be stored for longer.

Alongside superior taste, magnums provide shock value in presentation. Standard size bottles only hold about six to seven glasses and are perfect for a small toast or intimate setting. When it comes to over the top celebrations, magnums can more adequately serve guests. Plus- what’s more fun than taking a photo with oversized bottles of champagne?

Provocativo skips the line and starts at the Magnum size, because go big or go home! So for your next event, forget ordering cases of standard bottles. There’s a more sophisticated and Instagram-worthy option. When it comes to magnums, more is always more…


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